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Metrics-Driven Management

In background screening, our customers and our customers’ customers shouldn’t be left wondering when their criminal records requests will be fulfilled or if their supplier will be able to handle a sudden influx of requests. The sheer volume of records and verifications requests moving through our work queues on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis requires that we eliminate guesswork from the system. Metrics-driven management means we manage per what the data tells us. We know when we’re headed toward an upset in the system and we adjust accordingly. We always know the score.

FuseOS® Operating System

Created by an organization that truly understands your needs. FuseOS is here and it's backed by the best in the business. Wholesale Screening Solutions has put its proven experience, leadership, and background together to build a new standard for your operations. Trust your public records research and verifications to Wholesale and put the power of Fuse to work for you today.

Partnership-Level Customer Service

A key part of how we have grown and evolved as a company is through a concept called metrics-driven management. This approach involves a lot of data and automation, and clear-cut projections to ensure we meet our customers’ demands. A key factor in our ability to handle more than 20,000 customer service tickets per month and project volume demands with great accuracy is our people and the partnership-level relationships we establish with our customers.


As a more litigious, more highly-regulated, and increasingly complex compliance environment takes shape, your role as a CRA has transformed. Compliance requirements are significant and stakes are high as regulators, employers, and employees each strive to create equal employment opportunity and safe workplaces. While not on the front lines of the consumer reporting and hiring decision-making process, public records research providers, like Wholesale Screening Solutions, play an important supporting role.

Committed to Quality

When it comes to public records research and verifications, the quality of the data we capture and return has a direct impact on people’s lives. Because of this, we have taken on quality as our number one priority, and have woven it into the fabric of the company in very tangible, personal ways.

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