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As a wholesale provider of public records research, civil records, and verifications, we offer research and background data you can trust.

Our success stems from the strict quality control practices of our local onsite researchers who obtain records directly from the authoritative source. We manage the most extensive and tightly-controlled research network in order to quickly navigate the myriad of public access portals.

We apply this same proven process-driven approach, commitment to quality, and customer service to verifications.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we are committed to delivering quality, timeliness, and accuracy you can rely on – at the wholesale prices you expect.

The Wholesale Difference

Your ability to deliver quality public records research depends upon the provider you choose. At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we work with retailers to offer the quality, pricing, and turnaround you need. Our experience in the background screening industry is unparalleled. Learn more about what makes us different.

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