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Wholesale Screening Solutions is a leading provider of public records research and verifications for employment screening, tenant screening, and risk mitigation providers nationwide.

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Backed by our powerful FuseOS® operating system, highly-trained researchers, and dedicated customer service, Wholesale Screening Solutions sets a new standard for what you can expect from your public records research provider.

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FuseOS® Operating System

Why invest in the technology your supplier should already have? We've built the most robust, modern, scalable operating system on the market to streamline the way you order and receive public records research and verifications.

Partnership-Level Customer Service

Wholesale Screening customers benefit from partnership-level customer service provided by dedicated professionals who are committed to being proactive, transparent, and responsive.


We understand the highly regulated and litigious environment in which you operate. All parties along your supply chain must do their part to ensure compliance. We do ours by ensuring maximum accuracy through a rigorous, well-documented quality assurance program.

Committed to Quality

Combining a strict data-driven management style with just the right amount of human touch, we deliver quality data, predictable turnaround times, and unprecedented scalability—all at affordable wholesale prices.

Services Offered

Public Records Research

Nationwide criminal background checks.


Quality and timely verifications, at scale.


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