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Wholesale Verifications

If you struggle to deliver quality and timely verifications and achieve scalability during periods of rapid growth or seasonal fluctuations, or if you’re simply frustrated with the increasing cost of verifications, you’ve found a new partner.

We apply the same proven process-driven approach, commitment to quality, and customer service you have come to expect from our public records research to verifications.

Why Wholesale?

  • Proven management process
  • Integrated with the leading third party platforms
  • Integrated with third party information providers
  • U.S.-based team operating from our Virginia headquarters

Services Offered:

  • Employment Verifications
  • Professional Reference Checks
  • Personal Reference Checks
  • Education Verifications
  • Credential Verifications
  • DOT Employment Verifications
  • Verification of Previous Drug/Alcohol Test Records

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Our partnership with Wholesale has been evidenced by top-flight customer service coupled with reasonable fees. Now that Wholesale has entered the verifications services space as well, we have achieved additional efficiencies across all of our verifications services offerings.

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