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Your customers want access to answers.

When your customers have a question about their criminal background report, they expect to pick up the phone and receive a quick and accurate answer from your staff. They demand prompt access to qualified representatives – without being routed through an impersonal call center. This accessibility is a best practice for any service-oriented company, let alone a background screening provider.

Your ability to provide the service your customers expect depends in large part upon your criminal records research provider. Ask yourself these questions:

  • When you call to check on the status of an order do you get an accurate status update on the spot, or do you get routed to a call center?
  • When you have questions about a nuance of the criminal screening process, does the person who picks up the phone have the knowledge necessary to answer your question?

When your criminal research provider offers the access you need to get YOUR questions answered, chances are you can provide the same level of service to your own clients – it's a win-win.

Does your criminal records research provider provide the access you need?

Your ability to deliver quality criminal records research is greatly affected by the provider you choose.

As a wholesale criminal records company, Wholesale Screening offers the quality, pricing, speed, and accessibility you demand. Plus, we maintain a staff of highly qualified criminal screening professionals and offer you direct access to these individuals on a daily basis. 

Join the ranks of satisfied Wholesale Screening customers today by trying out our services.

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