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As a background screening professional, you surely understand that the process of performing an accurate background check is loaded with complexities that vary from state to state and even county to county. Local knowledge of these complexities, including how to access data in each court system, is critical.

In criminal background reporting, data access can be accomplished through Internet-based systems, hard files, proprietary court software, and other means.  Having professional researchers who understand the nuances of each court will make the criminal data collection process more accurate, easier, and much more efficient.

Your criminal records research provider should be able to answer your questions about specific local jurisdictions, such as:

  • What is the length of history covered by the access terminal of a particular county?
  • Do files need to be pulled for access to personal identifiers in a particular jurisdiction?
  • Is the index of a particular county a soundex or does it provide exact name match only?
  • Are records within a specified county stored in archives or at an offsite location that will require access?
  • And the list goes on…

The point is, local knowledge in public records research does matter and can make a significant difference in the accuracy, speed, and quality of your data.

Selecting a Criminal Records Research Provider with Local Knowledge:

Your ability to deliver quality criminal records research depends upon the provider you choose.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we are a wholesale criminal records provider, offering the quality, pricing, and turnaround you demand. Our experience in the background screening industry is unparalleled.

We maintain an extensive and reliable network of only the most trusted public records researchers who have deep local knowledge and are rigorously tested and proven.  Our reporting information comes directly from the source as our researchers work tirelessly to deliver accuracy and quality, each and every time.

Count on us as your go-to source for nationwide wholesale criminal records research.

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