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3 Principles of Quality Criminal Checks

Employers rely on your background screening services to hire the right people. Your ability to provide quality criminal background information is critical and can be achieved by understanding these 3 key principles:

1. Garbage in, garbage out.

As with most processes, inputs directly affect outcomes. In criminal screening, the quality of identifying information you collect for the subject of a criminal check will make the difference between a meaningful result and one that is incomplete or just plain wrong.

Both the process you use to collect the information and the type of information you collect will affect the end result. Therefore, it is good practice to gather as much identifying information as possible about the subject. More information leads to better results -- but it’s not just about quantity. Quality also matters. Using integrated technology to submit information to your criminal research provider and taking measures to reduce manual data entry as much as possible will improve quality.

2. You get what you pay for.

Your ability to provide quality reports at competitive prices is critical to your success. With criminal research, you get what you pay for. When you order bargain-priced criminal research you’ll undoubtedly sacrifice quality and accuracy. The collection of authoritative, up-to-date criminal records research requires the time and attention of experienced researchers, which cheap research simply cannot provide. Does price matter? Of course. But, as the saying goes, don’t be penny wise and pound foolish.

3. People make the difference.

For quality criminal results, information should be pulled directly from the source by experienced, professional researchers.  These individuals are the backbone of a quality criminal records service and should therefore be tested and proven to deliver quality results. Frequent testing ensures that researchers are performing criminal searches as expected. And only those with a proven track record should be called upon for your reporting needs.  What’s more, skilled analysts provide the quality assurance needed to verify information in the reports and can identify and verify potentially inconsistent or inaccurate information.

Selecting a Quality Criminal Records Research Provider:

Your ability to deliver quality criminal records research depends upon the provider you choose.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we work with retailers to offer the quality, pricing, and turnaround you need. Our experience in the background screening industry is unparalleled.

As a nationwide wholesale public records research firm, we maintain an extensive and reliable network of only the most trusted public records researchers who are extensively tested and proven. Our reporting information comes directly from the source as our researchers work tirelessly to deliver accuracy and quality, each and every time.

Count on Wholesale Screening as your go-to source for nationwide criminal background checks.


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