Boots on the Ground: Q&A with West Virginia and Tennessee Public Records Solutions

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Wholesale Screening Solutions has identified deeply-rooted issues with research quality and turnaround times in the states of West Virginia and Tennessee, and beginning in 2013, we set out to address the problems by putting our ‘boots on the ground’ and setting up direct operations in each state.

This month we sat down with Amy Jackson and Andrew Lowers, representing Wholesale Screening Solutions in West Virginia, and Kenny Mitchell and Kyle Lowers, representing Tennessee. The team talked to us about their efforts to solve public records research quality and turnaround time issues in these two notoriously challenging states.

Q: What was the situation in these states before Wholesale Screening Solutions arrived?

In Tennessee, turnaround time was unusually slow and unpredictable. When we got our feet on the ground and began to visit each of the jurisdictions, we realized there simply weren’t enough researchers to cover the demand. Furthermore, because of the shortages, quality was an issue.

In West Virginia, while there were a few other background screening companies operating in the state, none of them serviced the whole state. This made the process of getting a state search with multiple counties very cumbersome. At the time, we found only 60-70% of the counties could return results within a 48-hour time-frame, others would require 2 weeks or even a month. No one was there trying to fix the problems. We also found that CRAs had lost hope in getting a search done in the state effectively and efficiently.

Q: What was your approach to solving the problems?

We took the approach of putting ‘boots on the ground.’ We took control of the research staff placement, vendor management, and quality control. We spent a significant amount of time building relationships at the courthouse level, with Clerks and court staff. Additionally, we sought out and found the right partners where needed. We built up our research network and put our resources on a schedule to visit the courts on our time-frame to maintain TATs and quality. We wrapped all of this with the proven metrics driven management approach and quality control processes we have used in our primary operations center for years.

Q: What can Wholesale Screening Solutions customers expect in the future?

We’re 100% committed to providing the best turnaround times, quality, and value to our clients in these states. We will continue to improve our consistency for every county and work hard to build a solid network to become our clients’ one-stop shop in TN and WV.

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