A Formula for Quality: How We’ve Solved the Quality Problems in West Virginia

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When you process several million public records research requests each year, you are able to discern patterns. You can also predict how long a specific search in a particular jurisdiction will take. You have insight to where your quality issues lie and how to fix them. In most instances, you can anticipate your client’s needs before they can. When we noticed glaring issues with unpredictable turnaround times and subpar quality coming out of West Virginia, we knew we had to step in.

In 2013, we set out to solve what had become a systemic issue affecting the background screening industry. Starting in West Virginia, our goal was to fix the quality and turnaround time issues and bring them up to the expectations of our organization and of our customers.

We have been able to achieve our goals by following a 4-step formula:

1. See things first hand.

It wasn’t enough for us to see the data and experience the disappointments of unpredictable quality and slow turnaround times. We knew we had to go out to the courthouses ourselves. So, we sent a team of our people to each state to visit the courthouses, talk with the clerks, interact with the researchers, and get a very real sense of the challenges and issues impacting their work.

It didn’t take long to get to the heart of the issues.

2. Put boots on the ground.

The next step in solving the problems in West Virginia was to put boots on the ground. In other words, we fully staffed a team of researchers and partners who were trained in our policies and procedures, and held to our company standards. Having these teams with the support, training, and resources they needed to do their jobs well, was a huge step forward.

3. Gather information.

As our teams got to work, we began to gather even more data. We have been able to collect a vast amount of data on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction, order by order, researcher by researcher level which has helped us fine-tune our operation. In turn, this data has helped us better manage the expectations of our customers. We are now able to predict turnaround times and resource needs based on past, current, and forward looking projections. We can also say, without a doubt, that the quality and turnaround time issues have been solved.

4. Continuously improve.

Using the same data-driven management approach as Wholesale Screening Solutions main operations, we are driving continuous improvement in West Virginia. We are watching for inconsistencies, anticipating when TATs might fall out of range, closely monitoring quality, and ensuring our client expectations are met.

At Wholesale Screening Solutions, we know that our clients expect more than just an acceptable partner. They expect excellent quality, predictable turnaround times, a high level of customer service, and pricing that reflects the Wholesale name. We can proudly say that these expectations are now being met in one of the most notoriously challenging states.

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